Angular 2 is a TypeScript-based, web application development platform that switches to a component-based approach for web development. There are lot of improvements in angular as compared to angularjs in terms of Dependency injection, data binding etc. To know more about angular concepts subscribe to channel.

Unit testing Angular Application

Written test cases may look like burden initially. But in the long run, it has been proved that it is easy to maintain and test applications which have unit test cases written. In this post, we will understand the importance of test cases and will understand how it works with the project created with angular CLI.

Change detection in Angular

It is important to know how change detection works in Angular 2 to write optimized apps. In this post, I am going to explain what change detection is and how it works in angular 2.

I will be also adding few examples along the post for better understanding. Let's get started.

Whats new in Angular v5

This post explains about new features added to Angular 5. Below are the topics explained in this post:
  1. Build Optimizer
  2. AOT on by default
  3. Progressive web apps
  4. New HTTP client
  5. Forms improvement
  6. Internationalized Number, Date, and Currency Pipes
  7. New lifecycle events in Router
and lot more. Lets get started and update our skill sets.

Angular CLI Cheat Sheet

he Angular team has brought in a really handy tool to bootstrap Angular application and also to add a new feature to the app. The tool is known as angular-cli.

To install angular-cli to the system we need to install nodeJS. One we have installed it we need to install npm dependency angular-cli globally. o install it open terminal/ command prompt and run a command:


Routing guards in Angular 2

This post is about routing guards which is one of the must known feature in angular 2. Here we will be grasping knowledge about guards and will also understand following guards in detail:

  1. CanActivate
  2. CanActivateChild
  3. CanDeactivate
  4. CanLoad
  5. Resolve
Let's get started.

Angular v2 vs Angular v4

Angular is the open-source JavaScript framework developed by google. There are lot of updates being made in the framework. As google announced new version of angular, let's see what are the new features added or updated in the framework.
Let's get started.

Life Cycle hook of Angular 2 Component

To write optimized code, its important to understand life cycle hooks. In this post, we will be explaining in detail various hooks that an angular component goes through. Let's get started.

Building Block of Angular 2

Angular 2 has made a major move to move to the component based approach from controller based approach which was used in Angular 1. As components are building block of the Angular 2, I will be explaining how to create a stand alone component and include in the module for it to work.

Introduction and bootstrapping of Angular 2 application

The main idea of angularjs is a separation of logic between HTML update and JavaScript logic in web pages. Also with angularjs, we can test our applications very easily.

Google team has made some changes to angular 2.x which are completely different in structural and coding concept than angular 1.x. We will be learning all these changes in detail.

I will be also explaining the process of bootstrapping of angular application in detail. Let's get started.

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