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Abdul Razaq

Visual Designing is one of the vast concepts in the world of designing, as of there are numerous definitions and explanations are available which are a bit strenuous to understand by the amateur Designer/User, so this blog explains about the concepts of visual designing keeping it to point.

Visual Designing is nothing but improving the User Experience through various illustrations and graphic elements. Though its website or banner or any creative the user experience is one of the most important factors to consider as the user are our target audience.

Various elements of the visual Design are Lines, Points, Shapes, Patterns, Fonts, Textures, Colours, spacing, Balance, alignment of elements and many more which I will be explaining in the upcoming blogs in details how each one has a drastic effect in designing an artwork.

Let's Dive into the Concepts

  1. Line: lines are the strokes that connect the two points.
  2. Shape: Shapes are usually formed by lines.

  3. Pattern: A repeated pattern of lines in an area. Usually, patterns are used as Background/to overlay in creative to create the sense of freshness and make the artwork Unique.

  4. Value: simply denotes the amount of Light & Dark values in an area, an highly contrasted artwork creates the sense of clarity.

  5. Fonts: Fonts are the elements which are made through Glyphs, makes a whole lot of difference in the project, Fonts are of Three types: Serif, Sans-Serif, Mono.

  6. Color: Colors are formed with the amount difference in RGB/CMYK Values. Color Theory Suggests the best way to combine the colors in the project, to reduce the complexity adobe has introduced KULER-tool to select the color combinations.

  7. Spacing: The amount of negative spacing between elements in the creatives. Spacing creates the sense of connection between elements.

  8. Balance: It is arranging the elements in creative in an efficient way to maintain the proportionality in between Positive and Negative Space.

  9. Alignment: Alignment is the positioning in relative to another element it is either Left, Right, Center or Justified.

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